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The eyes of Texas are upon you!!!

Yes I arrived in Houston yesterday afternoon.  That is such a long flight!  10 – 1/2 hours of which I think I slept only one hour.  I have done this trip more times than I can count over the past 16 years but it is just something I will never get used to.  Funny, seems like I just left here…..yet I was in Texas the entire month of March so suppose this is not strange. 

I have an absolutely non-stop schedule this trip and I am so looking forward to it.  Meetings with new and very interesting people, eleven tastings of which I am personally doing 10, my 40th High School Reunion (this is going to be so much fun!!) and ending with the Fancy Food show in New York before returning home early morning on 30 June!  Frans and I have friends coming from Switzerland to stay with us also on the 30th through the morning of 2 July.  Then that afternoon we are off to Germany for a wonderful Vintage car rally…..all copper cars some dating back to the late 1800’s…that we try to do each year!  We drive back to Holland on Monday 6 June and it is back to work!! 

I was up at 4:30am this morning…..so much to do!  Noticed an order had come in just before going to sleep last night and wanted to get an early start today.  I am waiting for my friends to wake up so I can turn on the Saeco and have my first cup of Mokk-a’s Cafe Svenska!  This is Jerilyn’s favorite!  The Saeco makes a bit of noise when it is prepping so hate to disturb them……yet a nice warm cup of Svenska sounds so good right now.

It is pretty warm here this time of year.  In Holland, summer is trying to show its face but is not quite there yet!  The garden was looking beautiful when I left yesterday morning…..all the flowers are beginning to bloom but it was still rather cool.   Getting into Houston yesterday with a temperature of 90 degrees was a bit of a shock to my system……especially while waiting for the rental car shuttle at the airport.  After living in Holland for 16 years, I never forget the Houston sunshine but at times forget about the Houston humidity! 

Off to my roaster’s office about 9:00 this morning to gather my things, load the car and be ready to drive to Austin tomorrow as tastings begin on Friday.  For those of you reading this that may happen to live in Texas, this is where I will be in the month of June. 

It’s Mokk-a’s 1st Birthday!  Come join us in the celebration!!

Friday 4 June                  Central Market S. Lamar – Austin         10:00 – 6:00

Saturday 5 June              Central Market N. Lamar – Austin        10:00 – 6:00

Sunday 6 June                 Whole Foods N. Lamar Austin                10:00 – 6:00

Saturday 12 June            Whole Foods Alamo Quarry                    10:00 – 6:00

Sunday 13 June               Central Market San Antonio                   10:00 – 6:00

Thursday 17 June            Whole Foods Buyer Party Parklane Dallas   3:00pm

Friday 18 June                 Central Market Plano                               11:00 – 5:00

Saturday 19 June             Whole Foods Arlington                            10:00 – 6:00

Sunday 20 June               Central Market Ft. Worth                       10:00 – 6:00

Sunday 20 June               Central Market Southlake                       10:00 – 6:00

Thursday 24 June            Whole Foods Buyer Party Kirby Houston       7:30am

Thursday 24 June            Whole Foods Kirby – Houston                  8:30 – 6:00

Friday 25 June                 Central Market Houston                         10:00 – 4:00

Tastings for Central Market Dallas, Whole Foods Dallas Lakewood and the Rice Epicurean Markets in Houston to be announced soon!

If you have a chance come by, say hello and celebrate with us…… I would love to see you!

Remember….our motto is…..drink more coffee…….DRINK MORE MOKK-A!!


Do hope to see you somewhere in my travels!!



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Taste Texas Gold! Texas wineries won 22 medals at The Dallas Morning News Wine Competition – including 3 Golds! Meet our local winemakers and food producers, and sample the cream of the crop. World-class quality, friendly Texas atmosphere, great wines, and live music. Wear ‘Western Chic’ and shop the products presented by local food artisans. Hosted by Cathy Barber, Wine and Food Editor of The Dallas Morning News.

Taste the perfection of Mokk-a’s collection of European coffees!  www.mokk-a.com ABSOLUTELY ADDICTING!!

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2010 Sofi Awards!

I must make a correction to the post of yesterday.  Mokk-a has been submitted as a candidate for the 2010 Sofi Awards!  

2000 products tested, evaluated and narrowed down to 125+  finalists!   It is great just to be a part of it!

On 21 April of 2009, before Mokk-a even went on the shelf, it was presented at a Central Market Leadership meeting in Dallas as The Most Innovative New Product on the Market!  THAT was a Honor!  Mokk-a is now one of the top selling coffees in the store.  So even if we don’t become a finalist for Sofi,  we are still off to a very good start!

Cafe Holland was launched only a few weeks ago and I have been asked to expand the line again.  Last Sunday, my team of professional tasters with Unilever Research here in Holland, tested some coffee from Austria.  Sorry to say it did not make the cut, not even with me.  So what country will be next??  If you have a preference just let me know.  Greece? Germany? Portugal?  Must say, a few days on a nice warm beach sounds pretty good right now!

Our motto is “Drink more coffee!…..Drink more Mokk-a!!” 


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Well I am back in Holland after working for 4 weeks in the US.  Sure is good to be back!!  The trip went very well.  Mokk-a is now the top selling ground coffee in the Central Market stores in Texas!!  Get ready…………beans are soon to follow!!

I did Central Market tastings in Houston, Southlake, Ft. Worth and Dallas……..and one in Whole Foods San Antonio!  They all went beautifully!!  Must say, people are like ants at Central Market Houston and Ft. Worth….sold a ton of coffee and more importantly had a lot of fun and met some really nice people!!  Even saw a bit of snow in Dallas on the first day of Spring!!  Funny!

There is a tasting at

Central Market Plano Sunday 28 March

If you are in the neighborhood stop by and sample Mokk-a’s lastest addition….Cafe Holland!  

 A recipe from a small roaster whos family has been roasting almost 200 years……

Then let me know what you think.


Cafe Svenska

Cafe Holland

Cafe Italia

Cafe France

Shall we try to guess which country will be next??  I have been asked to expand the line again and I have an new idea!

Submit your choice and let’s see what I can do!!

Thank you as always for your support!!


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Mokk-a is expanding it’s line in the attempt to continue our European Adventure.

Coming soon…..Cafe Holland! 

 A recipe that was created by a family roasting for almost 200 years in one of the oldest cities in Holland.  Will post some pics sometime soon.  In the meantime…..I hope you will give it a try!

Mokk-a is now available in all Central Market stores in Texas,

 Rice Epicurean Market in Houston

and will be found in the Whole Foods stores in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma in the next 30 days……I hope…..if they will send me the first order!! 

Will stay in touch!


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Caf au Lait

This is a drink that is popular throughout the world. It enriches a standard cup of coffee with its delicate flavor of coffee-steamed milk. You may care to vary proportions depending on your own personal taste buds and how they react to coffee-and-milk.

Example: 3/4ths Mokk-a Cafe France (this is truly a French drink so got to use French Coffee!!)   and 1/4th milk, or 1/2 coffee plus 1/2 milk.
(optional) choices are Ground Nutmeg, Sweetened Chocolate Powder or Cinnamon
Pour liquid coffee into a cup.
Steam milk, then slowly add to the coffee so you leave a layer of foam on top.
Sprinkle nutmeg, chocolate or cinnamon powder onto foam as desired.
Serves 1


Check out “Mokk-a News” for Mokk-a upcoming sale dates!

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Cafe Svenska, Cafe Italia and Cafe France

will be on sale

at all Central Market Stores in Texas

From 7 September through 4 October 2009!

I will be there personally doing tastings so hope to meet you all then!

Here is my schedule:

All tastings will take place between 9am and 5pm.


3815 Westheimer, Houston 77027

              Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September


4477  S.  Lamar, Austin 78745 and 4001 N. Lamar, Austin 78756

South Lamar       Friday 25 September

North Lamar       Saturday 26 September

San Antonio

4821 Broadway, San Antonio  78209

       Sunday 27 September


320 Coit Road, Plano 75075

Thursday 1 October


1425 E. Southland Blvd, Southlake 76092

Friday 2 October


5750 East Lovers Land, Dallas 75206

  Saturday 3 October

Ft. Worth

4651 West Freeway, Fort Worth 76107

Sunday 4 October


Sale Price – 12oz ground – from $7.99 to $7.29

Please come by and say Hello!




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